1. Do we ship worldwide?
Yes we do, apart from a few minor countries that we are currently working towards getting. As a generalised whole, we do ship to most parts of the world.

2. Are you doing any pre-order items?
We usually try not to do pre-orders as we believe that may turn people off the product. Our initial launch has one pre-order T-Shirt which we are very very sorry about. We will try our very best not to let this happen again and thanks whole heartedly for being understanding about it. :)

3. What is quality of the print?
We print using ‘AS colour’ to insure the highest quality standards and to support local businesses.

4. What upcoming merch drops are you doing?
Our first merch items will be from THE WRAITH, THE SENATE and a whole bunch of CDS from our friends over in Reality Fade Records.

5. So what is Chin Check Merch going to be doing exactly?
Our goal is to provide unique premium quality band merch for all of you fans out there! We want to support the scene, by allowing bands to focus on creating incredible music while we focus on the peripheral items/tasks around this so to create as good of a final product as possible for all of you to enjoy.

From having been in the music scene for awhile ourselves, we are very clear on the ethos and passion behind the creation of great music as well as the unfortunate added elements that can sometimes get in the way or hamper this journey. This is where we see ourselves coming into the picture!

We fund everything for the bands from artwork, printing, production, and shipping to ensure the bands can focus on the tasks that really do need to take all of their focus.

That being said, we also understand that opportunities to create a bridge for local bands and overseas bands to perform more shows locally as well as in overseas regions are cumbersome and again time consuming to manage, so we therefore intend to help improve this structure within the bands we deal with.